Évadés Du Temps

Our heros


Emma, young independent woman, travels the world to find and/or steal incredible art and objects for either her personal collection or to resell to the highest bidder. Drawn to William the Conquerer’s crown for the challenge it represents, she will stop at nothing to get her hands on it. She’s a loner and her first meeting with Simon gets quickly explosive.

À propos de Laëtitia

Miraculously fallen into the image box, Laetitia starts acting at age 11. Wanting to keep the final cut on her life, she steps away from cinema for 6 years while she graduates from Linguistic and communication degrees. Coming back to her first love, she now spends time doing the split between Cinema, tv and web, whether it be for big feature film or small independent web shows. She also spends time as a cinema columnist, writing for Clap! and webzine Clapmag. Laetitia lives her work with passion and will never stop talking about it : Light,camera, action !

She’s thrilled to join the cast of “Time Escapers”. Being Emma allows her to make a childhood dream come true : hunting treasure, play in costumes, punch a bush, all that with a little romance !





Simon is a true adventurer who has already lived multiple lives. Recruited by a secret government agency to locate and recover lost historic artefact, he soon discovers the files of the lost Crown of William the Conquerer.

À propos de Cyril

Cyril was doing a “conventional” business school, a reasonable choice, before following his heart into becoming an actor. He enters the Academy of the Actor (Theatre school) directed by Oscar Sisto and Pascal Seguin, which gave him the discipline, rigor and investment needed for the job. Through classic (Shakespeare, Feydeau,Molière,Racine, La Fontaine…) and contemporary (Vian, Sartre, Copi, Koltès…) work, he learned a really solid working method. Since then, Cyril worked on multiples projects, short and long (theatre, web,short and feature film, advertisements…) playing widely different characters, showing his will to diversify to a maximum his playing experience.