Évadés Du Temps

Help us !

You just saw the pilot and now you’d like to see what’s next ? Us too ! Unfortunately right now we don’t have the money to go any further.

We are actively looking for a production company and executive producers to help us develop and find the finances needed for the whole season. You know someone ? Your cousin is studying film production ? a friend of your postman’s grand-ma is filthy rich and don’t know what to do with her money ? Talk about us with them ! Spread the word about the show and don’t hesitate to contact us.

You want to help us financially ? Thank you, a lot, for the intention ! The fact that you’re willing to give us a bit of your hard earn money means a lot to us.

Here’s two way you can do that :

Make a donation through Paypal

We can assure you the coins you give will be for the show and the show only. It will help us send it to festivals, do promotion work or actually produce futur episodes. This will help us develop in every way !

Buy merchandise from the show

Let’s be honest, this is the coolest solution for you. You get to help us and have a nice t-shirt or mug as a souvenir to prove it ! Here is the official store on Redbubble. Every time you buy something, between 20 and 30% of the price (depends on the product) comes back to help us.


Thanks so much for your support !

Escapingly yours,
Maude & Charlène