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BetaSeries/Comic Con Paris Selection

We are very, very (very) proud to announce that we are among the 10 finalists of the Prix BetaSeries, with Le Point Pop. Final result will be communicated during the Comic Con Paris 2018. You can make the difference !

1 – Vote for your favorite webserie until octobre 1st ! Be careful: you can vote only once. Don’t make a mistake… 😉

2 – Share it all over the world! Your neighbour, your baker, your bike mechanic, your beach lounger rental guy and your school teacher don’t know everything yet about the Time Escapers??

3 – Meet us during the 3 days of Comic Con Paris, in the BetaSerie area.

In addition to public votes, a jury composed of BetaSeries, Comic Con Paris and Point Pop will debate and elect the best webserie.

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